Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello dearies,

Well, I've decided to put my shop on pause for a month or two. I will be moving over to Etsy eventually, and once I get a job in "real-life" I'll be able to devote more of my time and resources to Flying Ships. So, I shall return with more merch and an Etsy shop probably around October/November-ish. I'll share the link here and on my blog First Impressions when that happens. Thanks!

Maria Elyse

Monday, June 13, 2011

To Move or Not to Move?


I've been thinking about moving my shop over to Etsy...for the time being, anyway. I feel it would give my merchandise more exposure and give people a better ability to find my stuff, as having a blog shop isn't as easy to find. And then, when and if business picks up speed, I'll move back here. 

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to Flying Ships Vintage!

Hello! This is Maria Elyse of First Impressions. Welcome to my vintage shop!

The goal of Flying Ships is to provide affordable vintage clothing to a wide range of people. When I go shopping for vintage I always see pieces that I may not necessarily use, but I know that other people would. To me it seemed almost sad to let those beautiful vintage pieces just sit there in a shop when I knew of so many other people who would love to own them. Then one day when me and my Mom were in a vintage shop, we found the most gorgeous vintage piece and we couldn't not buy it. We knew we would never use it, so we decided that I should sell it through my blog. I had thought about selling vintage before, but was never quite sure about it. I'm an all-or-nothing sort of person, so I thought that if I was going to sell one piece, I might as well sell a whole bunch of stuff and start a vintage shop. And so Flying Ships began. (Yes, Daddy, you also get credit for spurring me on to take the plunge in deciding to start a shop.)

The interesting thing about vintage is that every dress, every pair of shoes, every knick-knack, already has a story. You can dream about it and imagine the people and places every vintage piece has seen...just sit back and think about it. It's fascinating. Please come with me while we create the continuation of these dreamings on Flying Ships. 

Why "Flying Ships" you ask? Well, I've always loved Peter Pan, and when they sprinkle pixie dust on Captain Hook's pirate ship at the end of the story and the ship flies through the sky...that has always stuck with me ever since I was very, very young. And when thinking of names for my shop, I had a lot of stuff with ships, clouds, sailing, and Peter Pan. And then I thought of Peter Pan flying the ship, and it just hit me. So "Flying Ships" it was!